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Irish Dance Company

Recently, I went to see an Irish dance company called "Trinity." There were 17 dances performed in all, and the best ones were "Celtic Thunder" and "Step About." "Step About" featured all of the dancers stepping in unison to the music. They did these very finely tuned quick steps, and my heart was pounding just watching them. "Step About" was performed in Irish national costume, and the use of color was just lovely. I would certainly go see them again.

Tea Room Opening

The tea room in Kamishichiken's Theatre has become beautiful. Originally, we used it for a little while as a Beer Garden. On November 2nd, it opened as a tea room. The maiko assist their older geiko sisters as waitresses. Everyone, when you come to the theatre, please go down into the tea room so you can see it. Right now a lot of people are using the tea room, and it makes me very happy.


I don't often get the chance to watch it, but I love kabuki. Actually I really like Nakamura Kenzaburo. But I've only seen it on television. At the Minami Theater the successor to Nakamura's name is making his debut, and I'll get to see it for the first time, which should be a lot of fun.

Tenjin-san Flea Market

Every month on the 25th, there is Tenjin-san Flea Market. A lot of people sell used clothing and used furniture. Today I also visited the shrine. A lot of people were visiting. Kyoto flea markets are very famous, like the Kuhou Flea Market on the 21st and the Tenjin-san Flea Market on the 25th. People always say that if the weather during the Kuhou market is clear, then it will rain on the day of the Tenjin-san. And if it rains during the Kuhou, the weather for the Tenjin-san will be nice. I wonder if it's true...


Ichiteru-san's debut has quietly come to a close. On the 17th, 18th and 19th she wore a black kimono with family crest, wore the hair ornaments which she could not wear up until now, and spent three days in various tatami rooms. The paper behind her is a congratulatory poster. This type of poster is one of the many gifts she receives during her debut and also when she becomes a geisha.

The Performance is Over...

October 11th marked the closing festivities of our performance.
Everyday many people came here, and it made me very happy. This year we have had three performances, but every day I am nervous. This time on the big stage, I think we should practice very hard for the Kitano dance.
October 17th marks the beginning of Ichiteru-san's debut. She'll wear a black family crest kimono, and the teahouses in Kamishichiken will come to greet her individually. It will be a lot of fun for me, also.


On the seventh, the performances of Celebration started. On the first day, second time, third time I can be quietly diligent, but I still have a ways to go before I am no longer nervous. For the remaining two days I can also do my best, because everyone has so much time, so please come to watch.

Taro Stalk Festival

For this year's Taro Stalk Festival, the weather was foul. On the day when the portable shrine returns to Kitano, just before it turned down the road of Kamishichiken, the rain began to fall. The covering they used to protect the portable shrine from the rain made it difficult to see the beautiful decorations. On that day, we were wearing white face powder (the same as when we are in tatami rooms) in order to meet the shrine. The route of the shrine was different, and there is only one opportunity a year to see the Taro Stalk shrine and take a photo of it.


A maiko who reads my blog named Manami-chan, but who has been renamed "Ichiteru" since the 27th, has become my apprentice. Up until now she has taken our house name "Ichi" and has been training and acting as a maid, but once she becomes an apprentice she wears white face powder and a kimono, and visits various tea houses. An apprentice kimono has a loose obi that is half as long, and her kimono is a bit looser and longer. On the day of Ichiteru's debut, she and I will both have fun.

White Face Powder

When putting on white face powder, it is different from ordinary makeup. For starters, a foundation of fragrant oil is applied by palm to the back, the neck and the face. Next, kneaded face powder is dissolved in water. One of the characteristics of the backs of maiko is the long visible white makeup at the nape of the neck. The paint is applied to the neck and face with a brush, and the powder is applied by puff. Once the powder has been spread heavily, I complete the look by adding red and brown shades to my eyebrows. I use red for the skin around the eyes. Pink is added to the cheeks. Lastly, I apply a crimson shade which has been dissolved in water, and I am finished.